Saturday, March 24, 2012

How can you love Lauren Wilder?

   Here is my question - how can you honestly love someone who can willingly tear apart a family?  I mean, I know there are scumbags in this world and everyone deserves love, but seriously.  If a person is willingly and knowingly partaking in a relationship who she knows is actively married and has small children, what kind of values can she honestly have that would make her a worthwhile person?  And then flip it - what kind of man do you think you are falling in love with that is willing to step out on his wife and small children and sneak around with you?  It's ridiculous!  "Yes at one point I loved her." THIS IS WHAT HE TOLD ME!  So I asked him "what did you love about her?"  And do you know what his answer was - NOTHING! Do you know why - because how can you love a whore with no morals or values?! And did she honestly think he was going to leave me, his family, for her?!  That's the intrinsic level, on an extrinsic level EWWW!!  Now I know I am not a tall, gorgeous supermodel, but I am rather nice on the eyes.  She - well let's just say I am NOT about 5'7 almost 180 pounds with saggy tits and hanging fat.  And no I am not exaggerating!  I, unfortunately, saw her nasty naked pictures. Now if you love your body then good for you - because she must love her body for sending pics like that out! 

   But yes, he said they loved each other at one point.  How sweet, the two of them sneaking off somewhere (which is light bulb number one!  If you have sneak around to do something then you are probably doing something wrong) cuddling, telling each other how much they love one another, intertwining fingers, her seeing his left ring finger with the pale indentation of where he takes his wedding band off, now that's love!  Excuse me one moment while I go vomit! 

  All I can say is I hope it was worth it - because Karma is one vengeful bitch who forgets nothing!

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