Saturday, March 24, 2012

How can you love Lauren Wilder?

   Here is my question - how can you honestly love someone who can willingly tear apart a family?  I mean, I know there are scumbags in this world and everyone deserves love, but seriously.  If a person is willingly and knowingly partaking in a relationship who she knows is actively married and has small children, what kind of values can she honestly have that would make her a worthwhile person?  And then flip it - what kind of man do you think you are falling in love with that is willing to step out on his wife and small children and sneak around with you?  It's ridiculous!  "Yes at one point I loved her." THIS IS WHAT HE TOLD ME!  So I asked him "what did you love about her?"  And do you know what his answer was - NOTHING! Do you know why - because how can you love a whore with no morals or values?! And did she honestly think he was going to leave me, his family, for her?!  That's the intrinsic level, on an extrinsic level EWWW!!  Now I know I am not a tall, gorgeous supermodel, but I am rather nice on the eyes.  She - well let's just say I am NOT about 5'7 almost 180 pounds with saggy tits and hanging fat.  And no I am not exaggerating!  I, unfortunately, saw her nasty naked pictures. Now if you love your body then good for you - because she must love her body for sending pics like that out! 

   But yes, he said they loved each other at one point.  How sweet, the two of them sneaking off somewhere (which is light bulb number one!  If you have sneak around to do something then you are probably doing something wrong) cuddling, telling each other how much they love one another, intertwining fingers, her seeing his left ring finger with the pale indentation of where he takes his wedding band off, now that's love!  Excuse me one moment while I go vomit! 

  All I can say is I hope it was worth it - because Karma is one vengeful bitch who forgets nothing!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

I still want to smack Lauren Wilder

It's been about a month and the anger and fury is still going strong.  Does it subside?  I'm sure it does but when?  I am still patiently waiting.  I found a hotel receipt dated 2 weeks ago.  So really, even after everything that is going on, you both are still stupid enough to continue?  I didn't even bother telling him what I found - because I really don't even care. 

 He refuses to leave.  He swears he did nothing "with that slut" his words.  Well truth be told that is fine with me!  I did nothing wrong so why should I have to deal with finding before and after school childcare and paying for it and all the other daily things a single parent needs to deal with.  You see people do not realize this.  They think a single parent only deals with the big stuff - they don't think about the small everyday things - like if a child gets sick in the middle of the night, or school delays, or school projects, or dinners, the list continues!  Well the kids and I did nothing wrong so why should we be inconvenienced for his bullshit?  So let him stay.  Let him sleep on the floor and still take care of his kids!  Let him still pay his half of the bills.  All I care about his not being married to him anymore, both legally and spiritually - and I'm not!

I still want to smack her, above other things...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If I deny it then I didn't do it

Oh my goodness!  The fucking balls my beloved husband has.  "Okay, you want a divorce and me out of your life?  Here are my conditions!  Bam Bam Bam."  And the kicker, are you ready for this... "You cannot have sex with anybody."  I will wait for you to finish laughing because that is exactly what I did - to his face! 

  And of course he took this as a guilty conscience, like I'm the one stepping out on him!  Sure he does wrong and is now blaming me ;)  And you know this is not the first time he has done this. 

  Hmm, maybe if that's all I have to do to get my divorce...then I should just say yes AND use his term of faithful... I can fuck anybody I want but if I deny it then it's not true LMAO!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I hope you never have to deal with this....

No. Your husband is the homewrecker. She didn't wreck anything, he did. His penis didn't magically appear in her vagina. If everything was fine in your marriage this never would have happened. Blaming the woman is simply your way of excusing your husband in part. You have no idea what he told her but it probably went like this "my wife won't have sex with me, she doesn't love me, she screws around on me, we are separated but live together for the kids".

And the fun begins!  Let the whores unite! Apparently this commentor did not read everything.
 I am not excusing my husband for anything!  He is 50% to blame for destroying my family.  Did you read anywhere that I did not blame him?  No, I don't think so.  As far as your comment of her not wrecking anything...let me ask you this.  Why does she get no blame if she KNEW he was married and had children?  Why is she not to blame when I called her and nicely told her she needs to stay away from my family that is still together?  Why is she not to blame for fucking him when she knew the situation that he was still married and with his wife?  I'm sure my dear sweet husband did feed her some lies, BUT here is when the blame lies on her...WHEN SHE KNOWS HE IS INVOLVED AND SHE DOES NOT WALK AWAY! 

  Sweetheart, you need to read my first post.  It is people like you that believe when a spouse wanders away that there are always underlying problems.  Let me tell you something, that is not always the case.  Sometimes, just sometimes, the problem is a cheating husband and his whore that knows there is a wife and children involved, and when that whore is informed of this and she tells me "yeah I know" (and yes that was her reply when I asked her if she knew this) then she gets her just desserts. Just like my current husband is. 

I hope you never have to deal with this....

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lauren Wilder is a homewrecking whore

Just in case you needed a reminder LMAO!

It really is that simple

Here is what I do not understand.  If someone is telling you that they hate you and doesn't want ANYTHING to do with you - why do you still stay?  Why are you still crying and begging and pleading to stay.  Do you not realize how much I hate you?  Do you not realize that I do not believe you?  I mean, c'mon seriously, just fucking leave already! I do not want you in my life anymore!  Stop being a pathetic bitch and just go!  Your tears don't do anything for me!  Your begging for forgiveness makes me laugh!   JUST FUCKING GO! 

It really is that simple.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

His own personal hell

Soo, a little about the husband.  I have given him many chances, many benefit of the doubts, many grain of salts, many of many pretty much!  And throughout my wonderful marriage he has betrayed me on and off.  I think it has finally sunk in for him that "oh shit she is not playing anymore and I really screwed up this time!" Although he will never admit to it because like I said DENIAL is his middle name.  So he is still in my house...for the kids... and at first it was really pissing me off, BUT...wait for this one.  It is actually really killing him.  Because although he gets to see his kids (unfaithful husband but great dad) he is dying without his true wife.  He is dying watching me get along just fine.  He is in his own personal hell!!  Who knew it would work out this way.  And honestly I have no problem with him being around because I checked out years ago.  But I have to say I am getting some enjoyment out of seeing him suffer. Is that sick?